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Located in the bluegrass region of Kentucky, Lexington is known as horse country. And while the Kentucky Derby Race is held annually 68 miles west in Louisville, Lexington is where the majority of these thoroughbreds are born and raised, trained, and retired. While approximately 115,000 horses populate the state of Kentucky, about 425,000 people reside in Lexington.

The average age of a local resident is 33 years, and 13% of males and 12% of females are under the age of 20. Many of these youths are teenagers preparing to become drivers and state law ensures that teenagers place academics before driving. All drivers, whether teenagers or adults, are required to carry minimum auto insurance.

Lexington Car Insurance Minimum Requirements

As a choice no fault state, Kentucky permits victims of an accident to retain the right to file a limited lawsuit against the party at fault. The law requires minimum coverage of $25,000/$50,000 for liability, per person and per accident respectively, and it also requires $10,000 for property damage.

Every driver must also carry $10,000 minimum PIP, which is Personal Injury Protection that will pay for accident related costs such as medical expenses, lost wages, or funeral expenses. PIP is paid to you by your insurance company regardless of who is at fault.

Driving Teenagers Need Lexington Car Insurance

Teenagers require auto insurance whether they are getting their driver’s license or their learner’s permit. They are not automatically covered by their parent’s insurance, so as soon as your teenager is ready to start driving, call your Lexington auto insurance agent to add him or her to your policy. Frequently, teenagers cost more to insure because their inexperience behind the wheel makes them a greater risk. You can compare different Lexington car insurance rates by using the free quote tool on this website.

In August of 2007, Kentucky used the desire to drive as an academic motivator for students by instituting the No Pass/No Drive law. All teenagers aged 16 to 17, whether they attend private or public school or even if they are home schooled, are required to submit a School Compliance Verification Form in order to obtain their driver’s permit or driver’s license.

If they have too many unexcused absences or their grades are deficient, the Division of Driver Licensing will not issue the permit or license. Schools are also required to notify the division of changes to the student’s record, which allows the division to suspend or reinstate the student’s driving privileges accordingly. Any existing restrictions will be automatically removed when the student turns eighteen.

Lexington Car Insurance for Your Horse?!

Horses are a greener method of travel than traditional fuel vehicles, but they do not require auto insurance. However, you may want to consider insurance for your horse the same as you would for your home, your car, your pet, or yourself. A horse is a valuable investment and veterinary fees can frequently exceed insurance premiums. Equine insurance is traditionally available for three types of coverage.

Mortality insurance is available for horses ranging in age from newborn to seventeen-years-old. Although age and breed are factors considered in insurance rates, typically the policy will be calculated at two to four percent of the horse’s value, costing a minimum of $150 per year. Mortality insurance will cover all deaths, including natural causes, accidental (whether it is caused by a fire or a freak coyote attack), or euthanasia. Mortality insurance can also cover theft in the event your horse is not returned to you.

Medical and Surgical equine insurance is available for illness and injury. It typically covers visits and procedures, tests, medications, surgery, and post-operation care. Routine care such as vaccines and dental are not covered. Coverage ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 usually carries a deductible from $150 to $250 and is available for as little as $150 to $250 per year. Surgical only policies are also available.

Loss of Use insurance comes in two options, external injury loss of use or full loss of use. This coverage usually requires the additional coverage of medical/surgical insurance and pays 50% to 60% of the insured value of your horse in the event your horse is no longer able to be used in the capacity for which it was insured. The loss of use can result from accident, disease, illness, or injury. Horse owners need to read this policy carefully and understand that it is typical for this kind of policy to give ownership of your horse to the insurance company once the claim is paid. While this provision is intended to prevent fraud, it is legal and binding and can be enforced.

The Horse Capital of the World, Lexington, Kentucky is a beautiful city to visit. Horse farms are plentiful and trail rides are common. Many residents are able to enjoy their own horses, but when they need to drive, they need to have proper Lexington car insurance coverage. With proper insurance, all drivers and riders can enjoy the scenic view of the rolling bluegrass hills.

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